Sew a roll-up pouch organiser (for all your bits and bobs)

blue roll-up pouch laying flat with toiletries stashed in it

This pouch is great as a toiletry bag, crochet/knitting needle organiser or any bits and bobs you need to have a home for in life! You can think of this tutorial as the teaching of the basics of a concept – something you can take away, change and adapt to make it your own. We used measurements perfect to fit our toiletries and we hope you can model your own pouch after the things you want to organise.

Suitable for first time sewers/sewists!

Video tutorial

open video on PeerTube

Tools & materials

The pattern

The final pouch made from this pattern will be 26cm by 50cm (10.25in by 19.7in) with a 3D pocket that is 12cm by 26cm by 6cm (4.7in - 10.25in - 2.36in). It will have two panels that are 6cm/2.36in and 8cm/3.15in wide.

Feel free to modify the pattern to suit your own needs!

Pattern piece 1 of 3

Pattern piece 2 & 3 of 3

Steps to sew up the pouch

  1. Cut out all three of the pattern pieces.

  2. Side panels. Overlock marked out edges of pouch body with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying;
    example of an overlocking stitch

    fold side panels in to form a rectangle;
    sew side panels down along top and bottom edges.

  3. Pocket lid. Overlock pocket lid piece; place it below side panels & sew it down.

  4. 3D pocket. Mark out two 6cm/2.36in squares along long edge of pattern piece;
    for each square, fold so two marked lines touch; this creates triangles on the back side, pin and sew down each with two lines of stitching.
  5. Attach pocket. Overlock top edge of pocket; sew it below pocket lid matching pocket edges to pouch body; overlock all edges.
  6. Button, slots & ribbon. Add a button to pocket (optional); mark & sew slots of desired widths on side panels; sew ribbon onto top of pouch.

Now it's time to... Slot in some bits and bobs

animation of placing items into the side panel slots

give it a roll

animation of rolling the pouch up

maybe dye it indigo

placing roll-up pouch into indigo dye bath

most importantly - appreciate its simplicity!

indigo roll-up pouch laying flat

There are no zippers that could break nor any other plastic parts that may degrade :)

Download PDF Pattern