Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: – a family-operated site relating to crafting, making things by hand and living a simple life. We created and continue to develop this website with an open-access mindset along with an awareness of privacy and security. In order to operate the website, we receive hosting services from GitLab.

We don't track you (at all)

We do not collect any information about you whatsoever when you visit our website. You are free to roam around at your leisure and we won't spy on you. There are no analytics running, no cookies, no IP address logged, you are invisible to us.

Note that we sometimes share links to other websites that may track you (such as YouTube). So for extra clarity and to safeguard your privacy, we differentiate links with a little icon: links to external websites and links to pages on this website.

Your data is yours


Emails are for our eyes only and you are free to erase yourself from our digital memory. When you send us an email it is encrypted on our end by protonmail and protected with a strong locally stored password. We recommend you also use protonmail to ensure end to end encryption. We do not store your email address outside of our inbox and will delete our email exchanges from our inbox upon your request.


For our community chat group we use the matrix network. Matrix is a great decentralized, open source communication protocol which lets you send messages anonymously. We highly recommend using it as a chat replacement for Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram etc. When you send us a chat through the matrix network it is end to end encrypted. Our matrix group is a community space, anyone who joined our room can see your messages. You can however delete your messages from the group at any time.


We accept donations in Liberapay (open-source) and Ko-Fi. The payment information you use with those platforms will be shared with the relevant payment processing service, either Stripe, Paypal. We recommend using Liberapay and paying through Stripe. This way we won't receive any of your information. Please look at the Liberapay and Ko-Fi policies for more information.

No JavaScript here*

We wrote all the code of this website ourselves exclusively with HTML and CSS. It is therefore a static website meaning when you visit us, the computer downloads the files it needs such as code, images and fonts from GitLab and our interaction ends there. Your browser does the rest of the work locally, it interprets the files and then displays the page. As opposed to dynamic websites which receive visitor inputs and change pages accordingly.

A static website without JavaScript is more privacy and security friendly as we are not able to run any scripts on your computer nor are we receiving any information about your actions on our website. No cookies or trackers are possible. Read more about the making of this website.

*Embedded websites

We do have an exception where dynamic websites are used and where the code is not written by us. We embed other webpages within our website using the HTML functionality called iframe. This is used to show some content that would otherwise be difficult to share.

Here are all the embeds we currently use on our website, we strive to make our website a safe space for our visitors so we only embed open source pages we love and trust, all without cookies and trackers.

If you know of more privacy friendly embeds we can use, please let us know!

Contact us

If you have any question or suggestions, let us know at: gentlelivingshop at or talk to us on Matrix.