How we made this website (using only HTML and CSS)

under construction

This website is static, written exclusively in HTML and CSS by us. Our old website was built with but we wanted to make the code open source and were also running into bottlenecks design-wise (such a pain to constantly be adding plugins!). So we learned some basic HTML and CSS to be able to write the code from scratch. Here you can read about some technical information on how this site was built.

Learning HTML and CSS

All our fundamental knowledge on how to work HTML and CSS were learnt with freeCodeCamp. We didn't know anything about web design when we started and it has taught us so much! We love that it is free, open source and not for profit.

We also have fun playing CSSBattle. Use that border-radius and position:fixed along with other CSS skills to make puzzle images.

Domain and hosting

Static site generator? (SSG)

We don't use a static site generator because we found it easier to actually code everything from scratch. SSG would have been another thing we have to set up and learn to use. If you are wondering how we manage main elements such as menu navigation and footer, see section on software Atom on our other page.

Final checks before website goes live

speed test, website performance test with Lighthouse (using Chromium's built in function)

if you are transfering from another domain, check that you have redirects setup

Check your website with this accessibility test to ensure it is user-friendly for people with screen readers. It also checks for font size, colour contrast and many different accessibility aspects. A must for all websites!

Hardware and software

Read more about the technologies we use that are vital for the making of this website.