Privacy Respecting and Fun Plugins on Our Old Website

our old website made with wordpress, post feature photo

This website is coded by us using HTML and CSS. But before we knew how to do that, we started with using the Twenty Twenty-One theme. It is a nice and simple theme, our favourite part is the dark mode. We wanted to build a website that is privacy respecting without having to display a cookie notice. The plugins we mention will therefore comply with GDPR policies. plugins we liked

open video on PeerTube

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Interested in building your own website (without WordPress)?

Tired of all the plugins? Want to have control over all the elements of your website? Read about how we made this website from scratch going from not knowing how to write HTML or CSS to now!

Plugins to migrate away from WordPress

Old website's front page

screenshot of the old website front page

Post page on the old website

screenshot of a post page on the old website

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